Leading with Passion and Purpose: A Journey Towards a Sustainable World

During my time as a LeadNext Fellow through the Asia Foundation in 2023, I was granted the opportunity to formulate my Leadership Manifesto, a summary of my drive to be a leader in the sustainability space:

Like waves lapping on the shore, my leadership is calm yet persistent. I create the most impact in my community when my art, business, and sustainability blend together. I am a sustainable creator currently honing her data analysis skills as a Research & Insights Analyst, but my mission is to spread the importance of environmental justice through creativity and innovation. In the past, my innovative and multicultural mindset has served me well as a serial ecopreneur in the 3D printing and hair care spaces. In the future, I look forward to using my passion for cross-cultural collaboration to tackle global climate issues and support my hometown’s economic and societal growth in Buffalo, NY. Whether it’s on the dance floor, in the office, or on social media, as citizens of planet Earth, we have a duty to care for the world and all our neighbors. Despite my wide-reaching influence, my leadership matters most to others who look like me. To them, I say: live outside of your comfort zone, and get comfortable being uncomfortable because it’s in this zone where you experience the most growth and create the most impact.  And no matter your goals, remember you can only be as successful as your curiosity.

2023 LeadNext Cohort
2023 LeadNext Cohort during Leadership Summit in San Francisco, CA

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