Modern Dance

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    Atmospheric Choreography. This is a subset of modern dance in which I find myself most free to explore movement. The premise is this: creating an aura of the choreographer’s choice through the use of movement, lightning, and enhancing materials. Above, you can see images from a piece I choreographed called “Dance at Dusk. This piece was performed in the Student Union at Davidson College. The selection of space accentuates the fact that, within modern dance as a whole, the world is a stage. You can never be constrained by the confines of a stage or theatre setting, for dance can happen anywhere at any time. The same applies for Atmospheric Choreography, a term I have coined and will continue to explore.

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    As a student, I promoted the arts on Davidson’s campus by performing in various on campus showcases and by organizing dance performances with fellow Gamut and Dance Ensemble members. I worked with student photographers such as Makayla Binter ’20 and student poets such Maurice Norman ’20 to organize showcases on campus that support the diverse array of student art. Each year, I choreographed solo and group pieces using atmospheric choreography techniques and themes of meditation as to encourage community through movement and art.

Wading 2019
Elusive Truth 2016 – Choreography by Elaine Gardner

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